Which design firm can see Longhorn Cattle from their office window?

Photo: KW Landscape Architects in San Antonio, Texas USA.

2 countries. 9 cities. 300 landscape architects.

Street Furniture Australia’s Tiffany Hoy visited studios in Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne, in Australia, and with partner Spruce & Gander met firms in Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin in Texas, USA, in June-July 2023.

Our thanks to the hosting firms for your warm welcome, and for sharing your creativity in our Rapid Ideation Game, which involved arranging Linea furniture for a playground in only 10 minutes. We look forward to being part of your real-world persona experiences for Imagineers, Achievers, Thinkers, Sports Stars and Social Graduands.

Some design firms stood out in notable ways:

Most Out-of-the-Box Concept

Goes to Oculus in Melbourne, for their existentialist meditation, ‘The Void.’

Most Impressive Pothos in a Meeting Space

Goes to the green-thumbed team at ASPECT Studios in Melbourne.

Best View of Longhorn Cattle from an Office Window

Goes to Stantec in Dallas, Texas USA.

Texan Longhorn Cattle.
Photo: Carol M. Highsmith.

Stantec in Dallas, Texas USA.

Would you like to book an in-person Studio Workshop for your team? Contact Tiffany editor@streetfurniture.com

Tiffany explains Rapid Ideation Game.

HOK in Houston, Texas USA.

SWA Group in Houston, Texas USA.

TBG Partners in Houston, Texas USA.

GFF Architects in Dallas, Texas USA.

TNP in Dallas, Texas USA.

SWA Group in Dallas, Texas USA.

BKV Group in Dallas, Texas USA.

Halff, in Dallas, Texas USA.

Rialto Studio in San Antonio, Texas USA.

Kimley-Horn in San Antonio, Texas USA.

Design Workshop in Austin, Texas USA.

Design Workshop in Austin, Texas USA.

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects in Austin.

TCL in Adelaide, South Australia.

Swanbury Penglase in Adelaide.

Outerspace in Adelaide, South Australia.

Oxigen in Adelaide, South Australia.

JPE Design Studio in Adelaide.

ASPECT Studios in Adelaide.

REALMStudios in Hobart, Tasmania.

Playstreet in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Tract in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Spiire in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Urban Initiatives in Melbourne, Victoria.

McGregor Coxall in Melbourne, Victoria.

For Brisbane workshops, see our StreetChat article.

See the winners of the Rapid Ideation Game Grand Prize for Australia and Texas.

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Charlene Bordley (photo: right), the visionary founder of Parramatta Bike Hub, Parramatta Bike Tours and Addventageous, creates programs for ‘hard-to-reach’ groups including First Nations communities, women, seniors and disadvantaged youth. She met with StreetChat writer Kari Hill at the new home of the Parramatta Bike Hub on Wangal country, along the Parramatta River in Sydney Olympic Park. Charlene’s passion for making a difference in the community can be seen across the many social enterprise programs she runs. Wearing her uniform of blue, yellow and green, each colour symbolises a program: Blue for Addvantageous, Yellow for Parramatta Bike Tours and Green for the Parramatta Bike Hub. Social enterprise Addvantageous started off as a school program when Charlene gained confidence as a returning cyclist later in life. She experienced the benefits of …

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Congratulations to our Studio Workshop winners

Street Furniture Australia and USA partner Spruce & Gander visited design firms in nine cities across Australia and Texas in 2023, delivering interactive Studio Workshops. The winners from each firm of our Rapid Ideation Game, which involved designing a playground in 10 minutes, went into a pool to win one of two fabulous grand prizes. Sydney Experience Including flights to Sydney, Australia, 5-star hotel, factory tour and Jazz at The Mint. Winner: Regan O’Brien, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects in Austin, Texas, USA. Adelaide AILA Festival Experience Including UN/EARTH conference ticket, flights, 5-star hotel and VIP dinner. Winner: Tingweiwei Wang, ASPECT Studios in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Congratulations to Regan and Tingweiwei! Would you like to book an in-person Studio Workshop for your team? Contact Tiffany editor@streetfurniture.com

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Brisbane landscape architects take a fun break with our team

Street Furniture Australia has now gamified our presentations, which were well-received by Brisbane firms who booked Studio Workshops in June. Adam Grant, Organisational Psychologist, once said: “Play is not a frivolous activity. It’s a path to connection and creativity.” Street Furniture Australia therefore offered teams a hands-on experience to learn about new products and bond with colleagues. A fun – and fast – rapid ideation game brought new products to life in the meeting room. Designers had just 10 minutes to create a playground experience to bring enjoyment to a user persona, which were selected from our human-centred design research into the education market. Prizes for the winning team raised the stakes and brought out a fun competitive spirit. Presenter Tiffany Hoy, Content and Presentations Manager with Street Furniture Australia, …

  • 26 jun 2023
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Request a Factory Tour

The Street Furniture Australia factory, in Western Sydney, is both a manufacturing hub and R&D studio for our Australian-designed and made street furniture products. Recently we welcomed Tract Consultants to view the factory and meet our team. Director Julie Lee said: “It was a great opportunity for our team to look behind the scenes and understand the innovation, research and climate positive outcomes Street Furniture Australia is focusing on. Thank you for having us!” Clients are now invited to register for a fun and informative group event to see how products are designed, tested and built, and hear about latest products and projects. Your 2-hour tour (plus travel) includes: Transport to and from your office (within Sydney). Refreshments, with breakfast or afternoon tea. Factory tour. Meet our production team and …

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