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Trend Watch February 2023

Living a Healthy Life by Harvard University: Experts at Harvard University have released a collection of articles focusing on healthy living. The collection identifies and examines seven core precepts: ‘what we eat’, ‘how we move’, ‘what we feel’,‘how we rest’, ‘what we moderate’, ‘how we live longer’ and ‘how we find joy’. In one article they recommend to “spend time outdoors, it’ll improve your health.” This may be an obvious statement though we can easily forget this wisdom in our increasingly time-poor lives. Professor of nutrition and epidemiology Heather Eliassen says that some of the benefits include “improvements in sleep, blood pressure, cognitive function and physical activity, as well as reduced risks of chronic disease, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.”  Whether it’s a picnic in the …

  • 27 feb 2023
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Top 3 tips for vandal-resistant street furniture

The demands of public spaces can be tough on street furniture, particularly in areas with a high level of foot traffic, or perception of low supervision. Street Furniture Australia has supplied furniture for the public realm for more than 37 years. Our engineering team has tested all kinds of design forms, materials and finishes to maximise durability. If damage does happen, our factory is equipped to quickly supply spare parts for standard products. Here are our top tips for repelling and repairing vandalism to street furniture: 1. Choose tough materials and finishes For battens and frames, the Textura powder coat is an anti-mar, premium textured finish that is also very easy to clean. Repels stickers, graffiti and is more difficult to scratch than regular powder coating. Textura is available in …

  • 26 feb 2023
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Trend Watch January 2023

Gardens and public spaces can be funny as well as beautiful: Patch Adams said, “Humor is the best antidote to all ills.” And I strongly agree. Life’s lighter with more laughs. Sydney Morning Herald’s Robin Powell writes about Canadian architect Claude Cormier’s exploration with humour in Toronto’s gardens and public spaces. Claude Cormier et Associes launched in Montreal in 1994, and now has international recognition for his exclusive works in public spaces. Cormier’s projects explore the history and ecology of a place, its contemporary context and sometimes add in a little funny element too. Powell writes, “Cormier believes that not just our parks but our streetscapes can do a better job of telling stories and bringing human relationships into public space, using colour, light and a sense of humour.” Powell …

  • 25 jan 2023
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