Unparalleled curving with Linea

Curve the Linea range with horizontal or vertical battens, timber or aluminium, freestanding or fixed to the ground, to a wall or plinth. Use standard or custom curves to realise your vision in any landscape.

Our industrial designers have applied a deep understanding of material practicalities to craft the aluminium Linea Curved Seat, and timber Linea VT Curved Seat, blending form and function with our signature quality, durability and ease of maintenance.

Designed in consultation with landscape architects, both products offer the ability to tailor curves to fit project requirements.

The two distinct options are:

Linea Curved Seat and Bench

Innovative backrest design, available in Wood Without Worry or colour powdercoated aluminium battens.

Linea VT Curved Seat and Bench

Vertically-oriented, hand-cut battens featuring PEFC-certified Spotted Gum hardwood.

Linea Curved Seat (LIS10-C) concave and convex, aluminium Curly Birch battens, Horizon Blue frame.

Linea VT Curved Seat (LVS10-C) concave and convex, eco-certified hardwood, Textura Monument frame.

Go ‘standard’ or ‘tailored’

Select a standard curved seat or bench with fixed dimensions to save on cost and time, and ease the part replacement process. Easily mix and match curved and straight, concave and convex, and with and without backrests. The standard internal radius is 1.5m.

Or specify custom curves and lengths for projects with particular requirements (set up fee and additional lead time applies).

See the technical sheet (Linea Curved Seat and Bench, Linea VT Curved Seat and Bench). Enquire now for more information or book a Tea Time, a 10-minute online presentation, to easily understand how to benefit from our curving system.


All Linea seats (with backrests) adhere to DDA and AS1428.2 requirements when specified with armrests.

Curved seating for every budget

Soften any space with our broad range of curved products, priced according to materials, parts and labour required. Options include the premium Linea and Linea VT, modular Aria and more economical Mall range.

To find out more, make an enquiry with our team.

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Why choose the original Linea over reproductions?

Successful products are often followed by copycats. Over the past year we have become aware of an increase in reproductions of the Linea range attempting to create a similar aesthetic at a lower price. This can compromise the overall durability and environmental credentials of projects being delivered, affect ongoing maintenance requirements, and in some instances pose a risk of injury to the public. The design of Linea is deceptively simple while delivering exceptional attention to detail. Details matter not only for beauty, but also for providing durability, and safety, that will last decades. Linea strictly uses the highest quality and sustainable materials, has passed rigorous strength tests, and is designed for longevity, with easily replaceable parts. The product range is the result of hundreds of hours of research and development …

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Book a Factory Tour

Street Furniture Australia’s factory in Regents Park, Western Sydney, is both a manufacturing hub and R&D studio for our Australian-designed and made street furniture products. We host fun and informative factory tours for customers throughout the year, to show how our products are designed, tested and built, and to share our latest products and projects. This is a free group event catering to landscape architects, architects, and asset managers from government agencies. Director of Tract Julie Lee said of the tour: “It was a great opportunity for our team to look behind the scenes and understand the innovation, research and climate positive outcomes Street Furniture Australia is focusing on. Thank you for having us!” Place Design Group Associate, Liam Isaksen said: “The factory tour is a fun experience to learn …

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Earthy Pastels: now with boosted UV resistance

You can now specify Street Furniture Australia’s popular Earthy Pastels colour range with the assurance of brilliant colour for years to come. That’s because the UV resistance currently applied to the Durabright Range has been added to Earthy Pastels as standard. The Earthy Pastels range was introduced in July 2022 to meet popular demand for contemporary muted hues. As Earthy Pastels were increasingly specified across a wide range of landscape design projects, it was important to ensure the full range of colours would retain their brilliance in the harsh Australian climate. The Earthy Pastels range includes eight colours inspired by the Australian landscape. Muted shades in Mustard, Dusty Pink and Pale Eucalypt green are inspired by the desert. The blue ocean and sky are represented by the hues Horizon Blue …

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Make it vertical with Linea VT

Linea VT, a premium extension of the Linea range, is a meticulously-crafted all-timber collection with vertically-oriented battens.  Artisanal hand-cut and shaped quarter-bullnose hardwood battens are housed within Linea’s stainless steel frames for incredible strength. Seats and benches, both straight and curved, make for configurations that cater to diverse needs, with a cohesive design language. Linea VT Seat Linea VT Seat (LVS10, 2100mm) with armrests, eco-certified hardwood battens, Palladium Silver frame. Linea VT Curved Seat Linea VT Curved Seat (LVS10-C) convex and concave, eco-certified hardwood, Textura Monument frame. Linea VT Bench Linea VT Bench (LVB6, 1500mm) plinth-fixed with eco-certified hardwood battens, Lobster Red frame. Linea VT Curved Bench Linea VT Curved Bench (LVB6-C) wall-fixed with eco-certified hardwood battens, Textura Doe Skin frame. Go ‘standard’ or ‘tailored’ Select a standard seat or …

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As educators increasingly recognise the value of being outdoors for student engagement, wellbeing and learning, there’s never been a better time to reimagine school and university spaces. See our new practical guide to bringing trends to life with Street Furniture Australia products, thoughtfully crafted configurations, durable materials and flexible colour palettes. And view case studies from projects around Australia and the world. Since 1986, Street Furniture Australia has supplied to countless outdoor education projects in Australia and internationally. Here are six current furnishing trends we are observing in this space:  1. Social Circles: Encourage spontaneous interaction and collaboration. 2. Outdoor Classroom: Empower educators to bring lessons outside. 3. Fun and Bright: Ignite imagination and play with colours that bring smiles. 4. Active and Passive Spaces: Versatile areas that cater to …

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All About Linea

Introducing 5 more Linea products. The Linea range is sleek and minimalist yet extremely strong with stainless steel frames. The R&D team has recently released 5 new products: Linea Platform, Linea Lookout Table, Linea Bollard, Linea Bicycle Stand and Linea Sun Lounge to further boost the range. See the updated Linea Brochure for further information including technical details, colour chart and configurations. You can also book a 10-minute Tea Time presentation via Zoom. Receive a complimentary T2 tea care package (optional). Introducing Earthy Pastels We are also excited to release Earthy Pastels, a new colour range to create a fun and contemporary Linea palette. Request for free samples. Linea Platform A platform with levels A bench and table in one, with optional ‘Hill’ that can be used as a backrest, small table, …

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