Top 3 tips for vandal-resistant street furniture

The demands of public spaces can be tough on street furniture, particularly in areas with a high level of foot traffic, or perception of low supervision.

Street Furniture Australia has supplied furniture for the public realm for more than 37 years. Our engineering team has tested all kinds of design forms, materials and finishes to maximise durability. If damage does happen, our factory is equipped to quickly supply spare parts for standard products.

Here are our top tips for repelling and repairing vandalism to street furniture:

1. Choose tough materials and finishes

For battens and frames, the Textura powder coat is an anti-mar, premium textured finish that is also very easy to clean. Repels stickers, graffiti and is more difficult to scratch than regular powder coating. Textura is available in a range of colours, as seen on the Colour Chart.

For a timber-look effect, select Wood Without Worry aluminium battens. These highly-durable, low maintenance battens come in five standard shades and feature internal supports so they are not easy to dent. They will not splinter or crack like real timber.

Aria Seating System with Textura connector panels and Wood Without Worry aluminium Spotted Gum battens.

2. Go for a purpose-built design

For set-and-forget furniture we recommend the Linea range, which features stainless steel frames for incredible quality and strength. The strength of stainless steel holds up well to vandalism, and the heavyset weight deters casual theft.

Heavy-duty versions of the Cafe Table and Stool are also available and have been used to furnish prison facilities.

For bin enclosures in areas where bottle collectors persistently attempt to open locked doors, a different approach may be recommended. Enquire with our team about solutions we have tested with councils.

Where lighting fires in bins is an issue, fire-resistant materials and finishes can be used. You can also chat with us about solutions we’ve supplied for customers who have experienced consistent fire-lighting. The Escola eBin comes with a sensor that alerts custodians in case of fire – this is intended to assist with accidental ignition associated with cigarette butts, and could be useful for detecting intentful vandalism.

The Linea range features strong stainless steel frames.

3. Touch-up and repair quickly

Even the hardiest of products sometimes cannot totally withstand the most determined vandals. Repairing damage as quickly as possible helps to prevent future destruction.

See our general maintenance guide for tips on maintaining the surface finish of your products; as a general rule graffiti can be sanded and buffed out or repaired with touch-up paint.

Should parts be damaged and require replacing, Street Furniture Australia’s Parts Promise ensures spare parts are available for the life of standard products or for a period of up to five years after the product has been discontinued.

Order spare parts for your products quickly and easily, and receive them directly from our factory. In replacing battens Wood Without Worry performs particularly well because the material does not visibly age like real timber, and new battens blend seamlessly with the originals supplied.

Wood Without Worry battens feature internal supports for strength. The colour does not age like real timber, so spare parts easily blend.

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