New design book explores the role of street furniture in ‘… creating a sense of place’

Within architectural and urban landscapes, street furniture plays an important role in inviting communities to enjoy the public realm. Furniture selection can also contribute to establishing the character and identity of the locale. In a new book, ‘…creating a sense of place’ published by Piper Press, two architects, Darrel Conybeare and Bill Morrison, detail their lifelong mission to design and manufacture street furniture that brings a sense of belonging.

The duo created the archetypal Australian park bench in 1978 to furnish an urban design project: City Walk Public Domain in Canberra’s Civic, ACT. They explored universal design principles and durable materials to produce a seat to stand the test of time, with a design language attuned to the public space. The much-loved Classic Plaza Seat is still popular in the market and has been specified internationally.

Street Furniture Australia is now a thriving manufacturing business based in Western Sydney, Australia. The award-winning team continues to innovate with products that elevate the public space experience.

Launched today, ‘…creating a sense of place’, with a foreword by University of New South Wales former Dean of Built Environment Helen Lochhead, is a resource for architects, landscape architects, urban planners, industrial designers and design enthusiasts. Readers will find design guidelines within, illustrated with case studies and insights into the creative process.

Lochead writes, “This experimental Australian start-up generated a whole new industry, and has grown into a company with international reach. This would only have been possible with a range of quality furniture that responds to and enhances the local identity and character of each place.”

Australian architect Andrew Andersons AO said, “This excellent publication details the history of a company that has helped transform the public domain of Australian cities. Essential reading for architects, landscape architects and anyone interested in the public spaces of our cities.”

Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture former president, and Seoul National University professor Kyung Jin Zoh said, “As a landscape architect, I believe the perfection of public space design is in the detail of street furniture. The story of two master designers and their colleagues is informative, compelling and even touching.”

University of New South Wales industrial design senior lecturer Dr Mariano Ramirez said, “Their commitment to creating furniture that enhances the aesthetics, functionality and identity of public spaces is truly inspiring.”

Now available for purchase at select bookstores and online at Piper Press, NewSouth, Amazon, Booktopia and Collins Booksellers.

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