ChillOUT Hub wins PIA NSW Award of Excellence

UNSW, the University of Sydney, Georges River Council and Street Furniture Australia together have won a 2020 PIA NSW Award of Excellence for the ChillOUT HubsSmart Social Spaces Creating Connected Green Places project.

CM+ assisted with site plans, furniture arrangements and construction phase.

The PIA – Planning Institute of Australia – is the national body representing planning and the planning profession. State finalists from this year’s awards are eligible for the National PIA awards to be held in 2021.

ChillOUT received an Award of Excellence in the Best Planning Ideas (Small Project) category, which recognises a project that benefits a site or a local place. It is awarded for planning documents, programs, policies or projects that advance current planning practice within a localised setting.

The judges said: “COVID-19 has reinforced the need for high quality spaces. This project addresses this important issue using a collaborative approach to design and produces innovative open-air community spaces called ChillOUT Hubs.

“Adaptable to community needs and expectations, the Hubs are the result of a partnership between industry, academia and local government – providing a practical, functional and sustainable translation of smart cities concepts. Congratulations to the project team.”

Family time at the ChillOUT Hub in Timothy Reserve, Hurstville.

ChillOUT Hubs are open-air smart community spaces, co-designed by the project team, with design development and manufacturing by Street Furniture Australia, and installed for testing at three sites in the Georges River Council area in NSW.

A modular design allows customising for communities and sites – the three Hub prototypes are located at a busy thoroughfare in Kogarah, neighbourhood town centre in Mortdale and residential park in Hurstville.

The hubs offer seating and tables, shade, greenery, lighting, drinking fountains, public WiFi and device charging. In-built sensors provide Council with data on microclimate and use, for planning and maintenance.

Street Furniture Australia designed the hubs with input from its partners. Council undertook the overall project management, including installation. The universities are developing a digital asset management dashboard, and are evaluating the impact of the hubs with formal research studies.

The ChillOUT prototypes are currently undergoing further development in response to learnings from the Georges River installations. They are scheduled for launch in 2021.

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An Uber driver charges his phone at the Mortdale ChillOUT Hub between trips.
A long communal table for groups to meet at the Mortdale ChillOUT Hub.
Powering devices at the ChillOUT Hub in Timothy Reserve, Hurstville.
Lighting improves safety and usability at night, Hurstville ChillOUT Hub.

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