The Smart Watch Winner Is …

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We are excited to announce the winner of the Smart Watch competition is Luke Cox!

Luke is from Phillips Smith Conwell Architects in Brisbane.

We enjoyed his acrostic poem entry, which has made him the proud owner of a Samsung Gear S3 Classic:


There were many creative and funny entries to choose from, so thank you to all who participated. We wish you all high step counts and sleek design wherever you go!

Smart Watch Winner 03-sc

Apple vs Samsung

Of more than 200 entries, around 60 per cent said the Apple Watch Series 3 was their favourite of the two models – with plenty of shade being thrown on both sides.

Some hedged their bets by entering twice and nominating both the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear!

Apple v Samsung Smart Watch Competition

As a group you valued style, ease of use, compatibility and function. Some were clear fans of the Apple ecosystem, others preferred the more traditional face and hands of the Samsung design.

A special mention to Adam from Inspiring Place, whose entry transported us to beautiful places and healthier workdays:

“Apple Watch enables tracking for my daily cycling to work, switching over to record my lunchtime runs along the foothills of Kunyani. Its waterproof seal is ideal for regular swims along Howrah beach.”

Special mentions and thanks also to Col, Michael and Alan, for your kind words:

“Apple Watch Series 3 of course. So, smart city? Yes. Smart watch? Yes. Now just need to work on the smart me, however with the help of Street Furniture Australia smart furniture like the Aria Smart Bench with PowerMe and Escola Smart Bin prototypes, I can be certain I’m on my way when in and around the city.” – Col

“The new smart watches are exactly like Street Furniture Australia. Advancing with technology and improving products every year.” – Michael

“The Samsung Gear S3 Classic oozes sleekness and sophistication. It is also highly adaptable, very much like SFA’s range we frequently use in our projects!” – Alan

We have some exciting new smart product launches coming up in October 2018, alongside the International Festival of Landscape Architecture, and are looking forward to sharing those with you via StreetChat.

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