Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

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This Street Furniture Australia (SFA) Warranty Policy applies to products manufactured after 1st November 2015.


SFA warrants that new products purchased either from SFA direct or through authorised distributors, which are still in the possession of the initial purchaser, will be free from defects for the warranty period, subject to the terms of this Policy.

A product may be defective if SFA finds that it is non-conforming in material or workmanship and if the non-conformance materially impairs the performance of the product having regard to the purpose for which it was designed and the limitations stated below.

SFA will, in its unfettered discretion, either repair or replace the product.


The following warranty periods apply to SFA products and commence on the date when the product is supplied:

PRODUCTS                                                       APPLICABLE WARRANTY PERIOD

Standard Products (per technical data sheets)                    Three (3) Years

Drinking Fountains                                                                 One (1) Year

Special Products                                                                   One (1) Year

Service parts used in repairs pursuant to this Warranty Policy carry the remaining balance of the repaired product or one (1) year, whichever is greater.


Please send written notice of the defective product including the date of purchase, product details and the nature of any defect to Street Furniture Australia PO Box 417 Chester Hill NSW 2162 or info@streetfurniture.com.


This warranty will not cover products that:

A) include customer-specified materials or finishes that are not part of SFA’s standard product range at the time of manufacture;

B) are not installed and maintained as recommended in SFA’s written installation and maintenance guidelines;

C) have not been used in accordance with any applicable usage guidelines;

D) have been misused or usage is in excess of normal wear and tear;

E) have been damaged for example as a result of collision, theft or vandalism; and/or

F) are manufactured by a third-party supplier and then resold by SFA without incorporating any SFA manufactured product into the third party product.

Finishes on SFA products are updated periodically to respond to the demands and changing preferences of our customers. As a result we may discontinue some finishes before expiration of the Applicable Warranty Period and do not guarantee that any replacement product or part will be identical to, or match the finish of, the original.


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Under the ACL you may be entitled to:

  • a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any loss and other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage; or
  • have the goods repaired or replaced if they fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

This Warranty Policy gives benefits that are in addition to other rights and remedies under laws which may apply to the goods.


Consequential Damage

Street Furniture Australia will not be liable for any claimed loss or damages to ground coverings, walls, foundations, fixtures or any other consequential loss due to any defective product.

Not Covered

The warranty does not cover product assembly or disassembly charges, visits or calls by specialised technicians, costs incurred by the customer to remove or reinstall products or costs associated with the unavailability of the product.

Natural Materials

Any imperfections in finishes or in natural materials used should not be considered as faults but a typical characteristic of these crafted products. Any imperfections deemed faulty need to be identified within four weeks of delivery and feedback provided to Street Furniture Australia. Timber as a natural material, if not maintained using an effective protective coating, is vulnerable to climatic conditions and may split or deform. It is the client’s responsibility to check monthly that the effectiveness of the protective coating being used is preventing the timber from drying and consequently failing, and to reapply the coating earlier if required.


In the case of products requiring only minor rectification under warranty, SFA reserves the right to supply on a “parts only” basis to the customer where appropriate. Parts may include: battens, fixings, valves etc.

List of “Standard Products” covered by this warranty statement:

Product nameMcodeProduct nameMcodeProduct nameMcode
Aero Leaning RailAR1Classic Promenade SeatCMR1Mall Sun LoungeCMMS
Arc SeatARC-SConcourse SeatCML7Mall TableCMM6
Aria BenchCMA4Dog Tidy Bag DispenserDTMonsoon Bin 80LLB8
Aria Bin Enclosure 120L, with battensWBE-A120-BATEscola Slim BenchEB3Monsoon Bin 80L, flutedLB8-FLU
Aria Bin Enclosure 120L, with panelsWBE-A120-PANEscola TableET7Monsoon Bin 80L,battenedLB8-BAT
Aria Bin Enclosure 120L, with wide batten signageWBE-A120-WBATFlower ChairFC1Monsoon Bin Enclosure 120LWBE-M120
Aria Bin Enclosure 240L, with battensWBE-A240-PANForum Low TableFT7Monsoon Bin Enclosure 240LWBE-M240
Aria Bin Enclosure 240L, with panelsWBE-A240-PANForum SeatFS7Park BenchPB5
Aria Bin Enclosure 240L, with wide batten signageWBE-A240-WBATFrame Bin Enclosure 120L, with battensWBE-nF120-BATPark DDA BenchPB5-DDA
Aria DDA TableCMA6-DDAFrame Bin Enclosure 120L, with panelsWBE-nF120-PANPark DDA SeatPS7-DDA
Aria Lookout TableCMA4-TFrame Bin Enclosure 120L, with wide battensWBE-nF120-WBATPark DDA TablePT7-DDA
Aria SeatCMA-3SFrame Bin Enclosure 240L, with battensWBE-nF240-BATPark SeatPS7
Aria Seating SystemCMAFrame Bin Enclosure 240L, with panelsWBE-nF240-PANPark Slim BenchPB3
Aria TableCMA6Frame Bin Enclosure 240L, with wide battensWBE-nF240-WBATPark TablePT7
Ash BoxAC5Frame Dual Bin Enclosure 120L, with battens2WBE-nF120-BATPlato Bin 80LLB6
Ash CylinderAC1Frame Dual Bin Enclosure 120L, with panels2WBE-nF120-PANPlato Bin 80L, battenedLB6-BAT
Ash SmokoAC3Frame Dual Bin Enclosure 120L, with wide battens2WBE-nF120-WBATPlato Bin 80L, flutedLB6-FLU
Cafe Macchiato TableT7Frame Dual Bin Enclosure 240L, with battens2WBE-nF240-BATPowerMe Flat TablePM-F
Cafe Round TableT1Frame Dual Bin Enclosure 240L, with panels2WBE-nF240-PANPowerMe TablePM
Cafe StoolS1Frame Dual Bin Enclosure 240L, with wide battens2WBE-nF240-WBATSemi HoopBST03
Classic Galleria BenchCMG4Frame PlanterPT3Silva GrateGR1, GR2
Classic Galleria DDA SeatCMG5Frame Planter, BattenedPT3-BATSilva GuardTG6
Classic Galleria DDA TableCMG6-DDALinea BenchLIB6Silva Integrate SystemTG6, GR
Classic Galleria Mitred Slim BenchCMG8-MLinea DDA TableLIT10-DDASimple Bin 80LLB4
Classic Galleria SeatCMG1Linea SeatLIS10Simple Bin 80L, battenedLB4-BAT
Classic Galleria Slim BenchCMG8Linea TableLIT10Slim BollardSLIM
Classic Galleria TableCMG6Mall BenchCMM4Slim HoopBST02
Classic Plaza Back-to-BackCMP1AMall Curved Slim BenchCMM8-CSpiral HoopBST04
Classic Plaza BenchCMP4Mall DDA SeatCMM7Termini SeatCMT1
Classic Plaza DDA SeatCMP5Mall DDA TableCMM6-DDATraditional BollardB4
Classic Plaza DDA TableCMP6-DDAMall Mitred Slim BenchCMM8-MVictorian BollardB1
Classic Plaza PlatformCMP9Mall PlatformCMM9Wide BollardWIDE
Classic Plaza SeatCMP1Mall SeatCMM1Wide LED BollardWIDE-LED
Classic Plaza TableCMP6Mall Slim BenchCMM8“Slug” Seat DividerSD1

List of “Drinking Fountains” covered by this warranty statement:

Product nameMcodeProduct nameMcodeProduct nameMcode
Arqua Dog BubblerDF4-DBArqua Refill PoleDF7Arqua Station with Dog BubblerDF4-DB-DF7
Arqua FountainDF4Arqua StationDF4-DF7Council FountainDF6
Dog Bubbler Retrofit KitDF4-DBKIT

List of “Special Products” covered by this warranty statement:

Product nameMcodeProduct nameMcodeProduct nameMcode
PowerMe Indoor Table (electronics only)PM1.0PowerMe Outdoor Table (electronics only)PM1.5

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