About Street Furniture


Two of Street Furniture's Classic Plaza Seat, installed in an urban park environment in the heart of the city

For more than 20 years, Street Furniture has been a market leader in design, craftsmanship and quality.

As a world leader in urban-environment furniture, we pride ourselves on enhancing the public realm through design quality. Our range draws on the team’s experience in architecture, landscape and industrial design, with a focus on progressive design and quality materials.

Our products include seating, tables, litter solutions, ash receptacles and bollards. We have a variety of designs, from premium hardwood classic seating through to state-of-the-art railway solutions. This results in unique, vibrant spaces tailored to suit a wide range of projects.

An innovative approach to design has resulted in continued expansion and international successes. Our pledge is of quality you can see.

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The team at Street Furniture meeting to discuss the latest designs and products.Street Furniture was first established in 1986 when architects Darrel Conybeare and William Morrison identified the poor quality of site furniture in Australia.

This led them to develop their first seat prototype in a suburban backyard in Sydney. The prototype, now known as the Classic Plaza Seat, was successfully adopted in Canberra, Australia's capital city. Litter receptacles and bollards soon followed and Street Furniture products fast became the new standard throughout the country.

Today, Street Furniture has more than 320 designed parts, five offices, two factories, a design studio and an extensive portfolio of both local and international projects.

Some key historical projects include the Queen Victoria Building (bus shelters) and Macquarie Street in Sydney, Australia, Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW, Australia and Kuching Waterfront in Malaysia.

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Street Furniture offers excellence in design, craftsmanship and quality.

Quality control is maintained through in-house assembly and technical improvements are made through constant product and process assessments. All Street Furniture products undergo a lengthy phase of prototyping and testing prior to production.

Close up of the frames used in some of Street Furniture's seatsPowdercoated Castingsaluminum battensPremium hardwood battensCastings in Street Furniture factory

Street Furniture has more than 200 metal castings manufactured by processes such as sand, gravity-die, and pressure-die casting. Our cast aluminum is robust yet lightweight and provides a clear advantage over steel. Aluminum is also 100% recyclable and naturally corrosion resistant.

At Street Furniture, quality is never compromised. Costs are sensibly reduced through smart design and efficient processes while maintaining the use of premium materials and finishes. 

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Eco Statement

Street Furniture's Concourse seat, in a park setting on a sunny day

Street Furniture works hard to reduce environmental impact through carefully considered materials and processes.

All our timber comes from certified managed forests and many products are recyclable and contain recycled content.

Street Furniture products are engineered to be long lasting outdoors without the use of cleaning chemicals to maintain the finish. They are also designed to allow the replacement of damaged parts. These longevity and low maintenance goals translate into better care of the earth's valuable resources.


Recycled Content

Metal is the world's most recycled material and is fully recyclable. Street Furniture products are primarily formed of steel and aluminum and contain varying levels of recycled material.



Our premium hardwood comes from Western Australia's forests, managed by the Western Australian government agency, the Forest Products Commission (FPC), in line with internationally accepted principles of sustainable development. The FPC gained ISO 14001 certification in July 2001. All Western Australian Jarrah is now from regrowth forests: harvesting of old growth forests no longer allowed.


Other Materials and Finishes

  • Metal products are either polished, or powder coated.
  • Polishing has minimal environmental impact.
  • Powder coating with polyester powder is an environmentally friendly metal finishing process that does not contain heavy metals (lead-free), is free of hazardous air pollutants, does not generate hazardous waste and contains less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


Manufacturing Initiatives

  • Steel and aluminum are sent to local recyclers.
  • Scrap timber longer than 600mm is re-used for furniture products. Other scrap timber is used within the factory for various purposes, or given to our employees and local hobbyists for kindling and crafts.
  • Sawdust is collected from our manufacturing process and used by employees and local shops for such uses as mulching and animal companion bedding.
  • We are in compliance with current environmental laws and are committed to remain in compliance.
  • We ship our products on recycled skids. Packaging cardboard has a recycled content and the cardboard is recyclable.

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