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The Aria Seating System 2MIN

Aria is a modular kit of parts including seats, benches and connector panels to allow designers to create Curves, Rings, S-shapes and Back-to-Back settings. Use reliable standard parts in site-specific custom configurations.

How to Use the Build Aria App 2MIN

A step-by-step guide to configuring the Aria Seating System with the Build Aria app, viewing it in augmented reality, and sharing your specification.

Design Your Experience with Aria 30SEC

Modularity allows you to tailor Aria for the experiences you want to provide for your community. Customise settings for dining, working, socialising, rest and play – all with standard parts.

#BackyardExperiment 10MIN

How do you activate an underused concrete area in just 8 days? In partnership with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Street Furniture Australia conducted a pop-up experiment in Garema Place in Canberra’s CBD. Using techniques inspired by American placemaking expert William Whyte, this short documentary explores first-hand the power of public space and its significant impact on users and communities.

Also access Street Furniture Australia’s 49 page research paper.

How Remove an In-Ground Bollard 1MIN

Kieran takes us through the steps of removing and replacing an in-ground bollard.

Factory Timelapse 16SEC

Street Furniture Australia is a proud supporter of Australian manufacturing. Our production team is dedicated to Toyota LEAN practices to minimise waste and maximise quality. All core products are dispatched from the floor, based in Regents Park in western Sydney. Watch the factory in action.

Durability of Street Furniture 30SEC

How durable are Street Furniture products? Our team travelled around Australia to take footage of how furniture items were faring many years after installation. Although no longer ‘perfect’, all the products observed had aged well in a wide range of environmental conditions.

#CiderFountain 39SEC

At the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture, we served Batlow Apple Cider through our Arqua Drinking Fountain. We advise not to try this at home!

Introducing ARIA (available 2018) 1MIN

Take a sneak peek into ARIA with PowerMe Table scheduled to be released in 2018. ARIA is a modular seating system that can be built into any shape you want. PowerMe is a future-proof wifi charging table.

Termini Seat for Waiting Areas 1MIN

Termini is proudly designed and made in Australia to provide lasting comfort while you wait. This indoor seat is ideal for transport, health and service centres. It’s a perfect place to relax while waiting for your flight, train, ferry or bus, or your next appointment.

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